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PHOTOS - Undefined Lights


All of the pictures on this site are available for copying; however, they are my property and you need to obtain my permission.  Email me to obtain permission to copy any of these photos.

All of these photos were taken during the past six years using a Nikon Coolpix digital camera.



All of the above photos were taken on various dates over a period of the past six years.  To the naked eye, these lights looked like amber (to red) lights and were generally lined up in a row.  They would gradually fade out one by one and then reappear in a different location in a  matter of minutes (seconds).  My spouse, my son, and I all witnessed the lights.  These were not any type of weather balloons; nor were they any type of flares.  I would never have said I believe in UFO's, but I'm not sure how else to categorize what I witnessed.  If you look closely at the pictures, you can definitely see stars in the pictures; hence the camera was focused properly and was not moved to cause the effects that you see.