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LOU's hobbies include, but are definitely not limited to the following:

  • Collecting baseball trading cards - I began collecting cards back in the late 1980's (even though some are older than that) and continued until the mid 1990's
  • Curing snake skins

We live in the desert and occasionally see a rattlesnake or two.  I don't go looking for them, but if they appear and want to take up residence near me then unfortunately they depart this earth.  I researched how to cure skins on the internet and have learned how to do it.  I may eventually make them into belt buckles or other collectible items but for now, I'm just saving the skins.

  • Creating acrylic paper weights.

I am learning how to embed items (mostly scorpions but I have also used dried desert wild flowers) within the acrylic.  I also researched this project on the internet and an still not quite proficient in the art; but maybe someday.  I have even made my own molds for the acrylic.

  • Bowling (especially on Vegas leagues).

I met my spouse of 27 years when we both bowled on the same league.  We have since continued to bowl since the mid 1970's.  Up until recently we both bowled in the ABC National tournament each year.  I have been able to see many places that I would not have otherwise seen.  We bowled in Syracuse, New York (this was before I got my digital camera) and were able to vacation for three days in Niagara Falls.  One of the best vacations ever!!!  I have the greatest pictures that one day will be scanned and available for viewing on this site.

  • Learning new technologies; and improving on what little I know.
  • Collector of junk (mostly antiques) and / or what I think of as collectibles.

I have many old coins, and still have my 45s and 33s (vinyl records) - for those of you who are 'Ipod' generation.  I also have things like metal curlers used for giving permanents in the 40s and 50s and spoolies used for curling hair in the 50s.  They look like little flying saucers.

You can view some photos if you'd like to see what I'm telling about.

BOB's hobbies include, but are definitely not limited to the following:
  • Bowling.

    Still bowling on the Vegas league; we are going to Vegas soon where he (not I) will bowl in the Miller Light Tournament at The Orleans.  I am looking forward to the trip though!